Are You Trying To Cope With Your Job?


Want to know how organizations are motivated to work? Managers ask about, how to motivate employees, but ask an employee to experience employees naturally motivated, something in this world blows their springs. Therefore, the challenge for employers is that there is no interest in every such job.

And, the challenge for managers is to find ways to motivate the employee to work. The best place to start? Make sure, that your organization, your job, and your manager-employee are not motivated. You can’t control all the factors related to motivating your employees, but if you stop these ten tasks, you will stop the jobs at work.

Treat Employees like Children

Employees are adults with life. They manage large families, investments, daily life, and everything that enters life. Doesn’t it seem to fail to recognize it at work? Why do so many organizations do what they want adult employees to do and need to micromanage their every action?

Make a Rule for a Lot of People Because Of the Behavior of a Few

Organizations need policies and regulations to create a legal, ethical, efficient workplace. They do not need the policy to solve every problem. Even so, many organizations have policies that prohibit or address the behavior of certain jobs. Why repeat all jobs with a policy or a procedure when you can individually address the behavior of a few dead bit employees?

Focusing On Mistakes and Errors No Matter How Small

This is especially a problem during weekly meetings and temporary performance appraisals. Managers must provide balanced feedback, but let’s be real. If employees often make mistakes over time, why does the employee get fired?

This job must have an awesome fit for job skills and abilities. Just staying on problem areas destroys the employee’s confidence, and self-confidence gives the employee more error. And what makes your organization amazing, is that they promoted your management.

Implement Policies Unfairly and Unfairly

That’s why your HR manager asks you if you have applied the same rules, expectations, and disciplinary actions to each individual on your team. Inequality is ignoring such jobs. Those who immediately complained felt picked up, accused of playing your favorite, and ultimately sued your employer.

When conflicting, unworkable steps are taken and perceived, that responsible decision is made by the manager, and employees lose trust and confidence. Their motivation at work disappears, and eventually, they do.

Stomp On Employee Startups and Ideas

No, not every employee’s idea is flawed. Not every job care is going to enlighten your emotional motivation too. But, all job ideas have potential. If there is no other aspect and motivation, which motivated the employee to solve a problem or to please the customers, then it is worth paying attention to.

In order to motivate the employee at work, every idea deserves consideration and opinion. And, when you’re in it, do you think that employee management needs permission or help? Changes to the job, when the changes have a small impact on others, do not require the manager’s permission.

Tell Employees They Are Empowered But They Really Aren’t

Jobs learn quickly that empower you. In your organization, managers can pay lip service to empower. But employees know that managerial organizational status or chain of command is the all-powerful ruler.


In fact, managers may not be able to make decisions. So, don’t try to fool them Tell them the jobs they actually control. Clear expectations solid constant friction. Telling the truth will destroy the low motivation at work while doing what you do in your job.

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