Examination Office Job Description.


Research and community control officers are dedicated to criminal court professionals who aim to help automated offenders improve themselves and make the transition to a productive lifestyle easier. They play an important role in the criminal justice system.

In many cases, when a person is convicted of a crime, it is a prisoner (prison or jail) or trial, or a combination of both. With the test, the offender is free from prison but must meet certain conditions related to the rest of the drug, crime, and alcohol.

Often, detainees are released from prisons on the assumption that they will meet certain expectations, which is called “surveillance release.” Research and community control officers are the criminal professionals who are responsible for ensuring.

Duties and Responsibilities of Research and Community Control Officer

Research and community control officers performed a number of tasks within the judicial system. The duties of examination and community control officers are usually included.

  • Surveillance exams and parolees
  • Visiting the homes of examiners and parolees
  • Meet the families of examiners and parolees
  • Working with churches and religious groups
  • Working with community organizations
  • Electronic monitoring of examiners and parolees
  • Initiation of pre-trial investigation
  • Offer to send recommendations to courts
  • Providing court testimony
  • Examiner and Parole Status Report submitted
  • Provide vocational training and job search assistance


Research and community control officers have been informed of the court system. Their goal is to help criminals become productive members of society and to ensure that they do not become criminals again. They monitor examiners and parolees and make sure they comply with the conditions set by the court. When examiners and parolees fail to meet court requirements, officers report and recommend a retrial order. Officers are subject to substantial fines when they violate the terms of their examination.

Research and Community Control Officer Salary

Salary for this job varies depending on location, experience, and employer.

Median annual salary: $ 51,410

Top 10% annual salary: $ 90,880

Down 10% annual salary: $ 33,920

Education, training and certification

Expect to avoid the hard work process while looking for a career in exams and social control. Individuals working in the examination of people and in the control of the community should have ethical standards and a clean background.


Generally, job candidates need a bachelor’s degree to be a candidate or community control, officer. The most suitable degrees for work are in criminology, psychology, sociology, or social work.

Training and Certification:

Many states require academy training in addition to a college degree. These training programs are usually sponsored by the state or federal government and eventually require passing a certification exam.


Some agencies may require some previous experience in either corrupt or criminal consulting or customer service and public relations. They may need to train candidates up to a year in advance before offering them permanent status.

Background Check:

Working in any job requires a comprehensive background check because officers are able to deal with sensitive information and give them a lot of authority.

Research and Community Control Officer Skills and Competition

To succeed in this role, you will usually need the following skills and qualities:

Organizational Skills: Examination officers and community control officers should be able to handle multiple cases at the same time.

Job Outlook

According to US Labor Statistics plans, employment in this field will increase by 6% through 2026, which is slightly slower than the overall employment of 7% for all businesses in the country.

Work environment

Examination and community control officers typically work in a combination of locations, including an office, court, and field. Fieldwork can sometimes take place in crime areas or in institutions where there is a risk of violence.

Work schedule

Examination and community control officers usually work full time. Hours can vary, and they require calls for a specific amount of time to answer with any examiner or parole.

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