Tips For Effective Job Identification.


Job recognition reinforces and rewards the most important results you create for your business. Helps to better understand jobs, how you want them to look in the workplace.

Identification programs can help motivate jobs in this way, which promotes a positive view of their tasks and their tasks at hand. After promoting such a program, make sure to meet some simple criteria to get the most benefit for your firm.

Enable Everyone

You need to make all employees eligible to be recognized. You should never exclude any employee or group of employees. This is especially important when different employees have completely different responsibilities. Depending on the nature of your firm’s business, you will need to create multiple recognized programs for different departments or different types of jobs.

Explain The Quality Clearly

Recognize what behaviors or actions may be rewarded, and provide the employee and employee with specific information about it. More clearly you design the eligibility criteria for the award and approach it. It’s easy according to employees. Since this is the performance you want to see from most employees, it is another plus for the job if many employees qualify.

Equal Opportunity

Anyone who performs to the standard or standards set forth in the standard. He receives the reward. Or, in the occasionally used approach when the credibility of the reward from the employer is a concern, each employee meets the standard, his name is included in a drawing. You must communicate at the front end, that one name or three or more jobs will plan to reward you. They will choose randomly between jobs, which will meet the eligibility criteria.

Be On Time

Identification can be as close to the performance of actions as possible. Recognition, therefore, strengthens the attitude that seeks to motivate the job. Monthly identification cannot be too overwhelming and strong. Annual identities, platitudes, and gifts make you want to look even less effective. Rewards can be as frequent as daily, depending on the nature of your business.

An element of surprise is also beneficial. If you often give free lunch employees twelve rewards, gradually lunch becomes writing or a privilege and is no longer rewarded.

Set Goals

You don’t want to design a process in which managers choose to recognize people according to selection criteria. Employees will always see this type of process as managerialism, or they will talk about recognition in words. “Oh, it’s your turn to recognize this month.” So people who are alone outside of an individual. The employees of the month are made to be at least as effective as they can be. When identification is based on objective data, such as sales total – it will be much more reasonable and effective.

Supervisors must also consistently enforce standards. So you may need to provide some administrative oversight.

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